We are an Argentinean Business to Business Company that sells Argentinean styled ranch gates to the international market. Our goal is to do the best to satisfy you, facilitating things and assuring you an easy and smooth transaction.

About Ranch Driveway Gates

You will find in our product the strongest, best handcrafted and longest lasting ranch gates on the market. Our custom ranch gates make ranches look special, personal and unique.

We offer an extremely low-maintenance product crafted by highly experienced craftsmen using traditional methods at a very competitive cost. To make our special ranch gates we decided to work with the best handcrafters in Argentina who have been crafting ranch gates for many years working carefully with hight quality & hiper resistant selected native woods.

Quebracho & Anchico wood ranch gates have been used for more than a century in Argentinean Polo Clubs & Ranches (or “Estancias”, as we call them in Argentina) making them look distinguished and personal.

The company’s vision is to be widely recognized as a timeless provider of unique products. It aims at introducing discerning consumers to the beauty of Argentina in the form of aesthetic and functional products. Through growing the business and brand name, the company seeks to help in the development and promotion of Argentina craftmen.

Our management team is composed of life-long Argentinean residents. The company’s expertise includes searching the Argentine countryside for unique products and maintaining strong relationships with the most traditional local handicraft houses. In these pages you will find unique, high quality Argentinean products, made by experienced craftsmen who have devoted long hours to making those goods